Glendora Fitness Boot Camp

Achieve Maximum Fat Loss, Lose Inches around Your Waist and Create Those Gorgeous Legs You Have Always Wanted! With the Inland Empire Boot Camp System

We are a four-week outdoor program that offers fitness instruction, nutritional counseling & motivational training, Women Only or Co-ed camps – packed with fun and energizing activities designed to help you reach your fitness goals whether you want to commit to working out 2, 3 or 5 days a week, we have the schedule that matches your needs.

At Inland Empire Boot Camp, we combine interval-based resistance training and interval-based cardio (which is proven to be 9X more effective than long, slow distance cardio) for the ultimate formula for burning body fat AND raising your metabolism. Now you can eat the foods you love because you will be burning more and more calories every single day!

One of the main reasons we differ from other fitness boot camps, out there, is that we cater to the individual and don’t just have one set workout for everyone. Instead we show modifications, progressions, regressions, and low and high impact options so that every single person can work out to her own fitness level we call it Mild, Medium and Hot Salsa. Depending upon your ability and conditioning level you will be working out with other individuals at your own fitness level. In fact, all of our classes use our “No one feels left behind” boot camp formula. We know that all of our boot campers are at different fitness levels and different points in their long-term goals. That is why we cater every workout– every single exercise to the INDIVIDUAL.  We assure you that NO ONE is left behind and everyone gets the workout that fits the intensity they desire. We guarantee it!

Read how these clients did it…..

“I lost 22 pounds”

Q. What originally prompted you to join camp? And what were you hoping to achieve?

The week before Thanksgiving 2005 I saw my reflection in a store front window and did not like what I saw at all. I said to myself. “who is this person and where did her waist go?” That night while sitting on the couch, eating chips and dip, sipping on a glass of wine I decided I had to do something!!

Just by chance I googled “fitness” personal trainer” etc and came across the bootcamp website. That night while I was a little tipsy I registered for bootcamp and have never looked back …(except now). I did say I just wanted to lose about 10 pounds and get back into shape. At that point I didn’t realize how out of shape I was until I heard the numbers.. 33% body fat yikes!

Mary R
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.


“I lost 8% body fat”

Q. If you could give people 1 piece of advice about fat loss, what would it be?

You have to make a decision about what you truly want to achieve. I tell people all the time, you can do it IF you really want it!

You can continue eating fast food and cookies and candy and bread at every meal and soda and huge portions and so on, but if you truly want to lose the extra weight you have to make a choice about how you want to live your life. You see, it’s not about dieting and losing weight fast, it’s about making a lifestyle change for you and your family. Ask my kids when the last time was they had McDonald’s? They can’t remember.

Cathy G
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.




“I lost 63 pounds”

Q. What do you think has been the biggest change in your lifestyle since boot camp?

Growing up, my weight was always an issue–I never felt thin and then the last 10 years when my weight really shot up, I wished I could just get back to where I had been before, even though it wasn’t thin! In my family, food was comfort when you were down, food was a celebration when you achieved something, and food was the center of family functions. And activity?

Growing up my mom kept me out of sports–couldn’t swim because my arms would get to big, and couldn’t play soccer because soccer players get big legs. Just last month my mother said, “I sure hope you are not getting addicted to exercise!” WHAT??!! As an adult, I knew it was foolishness, but I still did not have skills or the confidence or the drive to get out there and move. Now I can say: I am active. I am active. I am active!! I usually have 10K-14K steps on my pedometer before 9 o’clock in the morning. My first boot camp evaluation I did my mile in 14:57. The last evaluation we just completed we did a 1/2 mile–I did it in 3:19!! First plank-27seconds.Now–2:30!!

Diane W.
San Dimas, Ca.


“I lost 29 pounds”

Q. Why did you decide to stick with it?

I saw and felt results immediately. I wasn’t as tired as I had been before. I felt proud of myself every day because I was taking action that would be necessary to change my body.

Rocky P

Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.

These women did it…You can too!

Best Decision I Made

Joining IE Boot Camp has been the best decision I have made regarding health and fitness. As a result, I have more energy, self discipline, and confidence. Molli and Tony do an outstanding job of educating campers on nutrition as well.

Make the decision to join IE Boot Camp: You won’t be sorry!

Raylene M.
Hesperia, CA


Lost 50 Pounds

I’ve been with IE boot camp nearly 3 years and 50 lbs ago, so I can easily recommend it. The nervousness of starting a new fitness program went away almost immediately with the help of the friendly bootcampers. The camp’s trainers, Molli and Tony, are amazing at finding ways to motivate and push you without making you ever feel beat down.

Nicole S.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

10 Perfect Push Ups

IE Bootcamp is the best! I literally could not do 1 push up when I first started bootcamp. I felt terrible but Cathy, my instructor, never made me feel bad. She was always encouraging me and now after being in bootcamp for about 8 weeks, I can do 10 perfect push ups!!!
Woo hoo!!!

Gina B.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA




Hey ladies, have you accomplished your weight loss goal? If not now is the time to dust off your running shoes and shake off a few more pounds with inland Empire Boot camp.

This is a women only class and trust me it gets the job done. So… there are a few more weeks of summer weather and you can lower your body fat by 3-5 %. as well as other great things such as loss of inches, loss of body fat and way to many other great things to look forward to. This is not some fly by night program where you quit. Inland Empire Boot camp not only build beautiful bodies, they build great relationships. I LOVE BOOT CAMP!!

Gwen B.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA



This Boot Camp is an addiction

I couldn’t be more happier with this bootcamp! I was scared at first when I first started back in April, but there was nothing to be scared of. Tony and Molli make you feel welcome and they push you and push you. They give you a meal plan for each week, and its up to you to follow it. Its like having your own personal trainer. I prefer this over the gym anytime. The workouts are intense and make you want to come back for more. This bootcamp is an addiction:) I’ll be doing this pass my wedding date.

Anya-Nicole E.
Rialto, CA


Need more proof?

Now it’s your turn ….

Awesome Program

This Boot Camp class is life changing. It’s a great program comprised of fitness and healthy eating. Molli and Tony are educated in all areas. I feel very fortunate to have found them and this awesome program. I have also met some life long friends!

Tami S.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA


I Have So Much More Energy

This is my first time with IE Boot Camp and I love it.  I will definitely renew with them.  Tony is very inspirational and I feel good all day long after camp.  I have so much more energy.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone. :)

Sommer H.
Fontana, CA



My husband see’s the change in me and he loves it!!!

I love Boot Camp!!!  I love the different exercises they implement, its grueling hard work, but the change you see, like inches melting away, your body toning up, it’s well worth it.  My husband see’s the change in me and he loves it!!!  I highly
recommend boot camp if your looking to change your lifestyle!

Zully B.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA


You Will Get Results

I’ve done a lot of exercise programs in the past, from personal trainer, marshal arts and many many other programs but with inland empire boot camp it was a totally different game. I was actually taught what to eat, how to burn fat fast and hard, how to build my cardio, and how to build the body of my dreams. They not only train you with workouts but they push you, encourage you, and trust me you wont want t quit. I’m addicted, and from the instructors to the people in the classes I’ve never felt my self esteem, self image and body be in better shape. Whether your new to working out or have been an athlete I’m telling you, you will get a workout, and you’ll accomplish more then you ever thought possible and you WILL get results.

Most importantly is not the amazing body you’ll get out of this because you will, but how you feel after you get it. It’s priceless. They made me believe in myself again, and that is something no one can take way from me.

I’d bet anything that it will do the same for you.

daisy c.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA



My friend was at me for a year to try this camp out.  I finally did and it is the absolute best thing I have done for myself!  I have worked out for many years but have never felt as great as this boot camp makes me feel.

Molli & Tony are great and you can challenge yourself at every session!

I would recommend this camp to ANYONE who wants to make some serious changes in their physical health…but fair warning….YOU WILL GET ADDICTED!!!

Amanda R.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

These people didn’t just lose weight…They lost it …They kept it off and they continue to get smaller, faster and stronger every year!…

We look forward to helping you reach your goals too!


Awesome I Love It

INLAND EMPIRE BOOT CAMP is AWESOME!!  I love it!  Unfortunately, I always found myself getting bored with exercise until I joined BOOT CAMP.  It is impossible to get bored with Tony and Molli as your trainers.  They make exercise fun and exciting but do not be fooled…it is a WORK OUT!  Thank you for changing the way I feel about exercise.

Kathy W.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA


Everyone in the group encourages each other

I joined The Inland Empire  Boot Camp a month ago with my daughter. We signed us up for the 3 day per week workout. The first thing I did was to call Molli to tell her that I was overweight, out of shape, had no energy and hadn’t worked out in months. She told me not to worry and I would be OK.  The first workout kicked my butt; I did so many squats, launches’, sets of weights and I was actually running which I hadn’t attempted to run in years.  I was so sore I felt my muscles that I didn’t even know I had.  Every workout has been completely different. Everyone in the group encourages each other to keep going and finish the work out.   I also get emails from Molli and Tony  for recipes, how to keep a journal, what I should be eating and ideas on how to change my eating habits.  They also encourage us to join fun runs on weekends or do hikes with the group.  The workouts are extremely hard but fun and it feels great to finish them.  I would definitely recommend The Boot Camp Tony and Molli are great. My daughter and I signed up for 6 months and our goal is to run a half marathon at the end of the year.

Maria M.
Claremont, CA


"extra curricular" activities

I would say that I too am addicted to boot camp.  I hate it while I’m there because I am pushed so hard, but feel such a sense of accomplishment upon the drive home.  Molli and Tony are great people and spend so much time planning a balanced program as well as "extra curricular" activities.  They are always plotting for some new way to make working out fun.

Joan L.
Riverside, CA


I am doing things I have never done before

I love the Inland Empire Boot Camp they truly ROCK!!! I joined 3 months ago after a friend bugged me to join. Immediately after I started I felt and saw results. I even gained a ton of energy from it which was well worth it. I was so proud of the accomplishments I achieved that I have even inspired others. I am doing things I have never done before like running and getting up early to start my day off right with my work out. I was so pleased with the program that it only took me 1 month to become an Addicted Member and now I go 5 days a week and will never look back. The only thing I regret is not starting earlier. So please don’t hesitate too long I promise you wont regret it.

– Krista, Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.


something different each time

I have to say that I am addicted to boot camp.  I was not sure what to expect when I joined it about two years ago.  It is a great workout and something different each time you go and it is outside and that is what makes it unique.

colleen G.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA


before I decided to say no

My friend Julie was transforming before my eyes, so I asked her what she was doing to stay in such great shape. She told me about Inland Empire Boot Camp and to try it at least one time before I decided to say no. The thought of waking up at 5am was brutal, but I decided to give it a try. Here I am 4 years later and I’m addicted to Boot Camp. I get so much more done in the morning and have energy all day long.

The trainers have a way to make it new and exciting every time.

I have met so many amazing friends and I’m proud to say we are like a  big happy family. We have an amazing support system.

I LOVE Boot Camp!!! Thanks Tony and Molli!!

Michelle A.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA


I absolutely LOVE it!

If you need to lose a few pounds, have a goal to set or just want to get in shape or back in shape, Inland Empire Boot Camp is what you need!  I absolutely LOVE it!  The workouts are amazing, fun and never get boring.  Molli and Tony run the program and they are so motivating and amazing!  They truly care about each person out there and help you reach your goals.

They have taught me a lot and I was able to lose my baby weight and am currently still doing boot camp while pregnant with my second.  Even now, they care so much.  They always make sure I am not pushing too hard to ensure my baby is ok.  I love the program and love them!  You even get a nutritional diet with the program.  The hour goes by so quickly that you wish it was longer.  I strongly recommend this camp to everyone!

Emily P.
Fontana, CA


ONLY way to get the results you want

If you’re ready to make a real change in your life, Inland Empire Boot Camp is the ONLY way to get the results you want.  The program is simple yet challenging.  We have FUN, too – Tony and Molli are GREAT!

Keri B.
Placentia, CA


I absolutely recommend this program to anyone

This is by far the most effective physical and nutritional program I’ve ever come across! I’ve been part of their camps since April and I’ve never been in such great shape! Molli and Tony teach you that you must have a balance between consistent exercise and healthy eating habits. I absolutely recommend this program to anyone who is tired of not seeing results and wants to make a real honest to goodness life change!

Jennifer S.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA


This program has been and continues to be the best by far.

So, are you bored with your work-out?  Are the masses driving you crazy at those large, smelly indoor gyms?  Then come to Inland Empire Boot Camp!

I’ve been attending this boot camp for years.  It’s outdoors; the work-out is very challenging; the instructors are not only knowledgeable, but they’re committed to your success with personal attention and input.  And the camaraderie is fantastic!

I am very discriminating when it comes to my exercising and have tried many other programs.  This program has been and continues to be the best …by far.

Jackie M.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA


Boot Camp has completely changed my life!

Boot Camp has completely changed my life!  Great workout, great instructors and a great group of people.  You will work hard but the results make it worth the effort.  You should definitely check it out!

Kellie L. C.
Ontario, CA


by far the most affordable workout plan

Awesome fitness program!  This is by far the most affordable workout plan for those of us that need the extra push and the accountability to just get off your a$$ (this also happens to be their motto… GOYA) !  Molli and Tony are awesome and are truly experts when it comes to both fitness and nutrition.  I just finished my first boot camp and lost 8 lbs… can’t wait to go back for more!  Do ourself a favor and sign up!  Accommodates ALL fitness levels.

Michelle M.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

they keep you pumped up the whole time.

This is a great exercise program , I thought it would be like going to the gym it’s not it’s way better. Its fun they keep you pumped up the whole time.

Linda M.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA


During my first four months of boot camp I was able to drop forty pounds

I have been attending IEBC for two and a half years. I continue to grow each month from attending. I am always learning new things about nutrition, exercise, and myself by going to boot camp

Molli and Tony have truly changed who I am both physically and mentally. During my first four months of boot camp I was able to drop forty pounds. Since then I have completed a full marathon and five half-marathons. I know I would not have been able to do any of this without all that I gained from boot camp.


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